Why localDAB.org ?

As enthousiasts for digital broadcasting we have been interested in DAB(+) for a long time, and especially once open source and small scale DAB solutions became available have been experimenting with the technology. For some of us this has even resulted in setting up a local DAB multiplex. While doing so one gathers a lot of knowledge about transmitters, cables, antenna’s, Open Digital Radio software etc.

In order to help others to set up their own local small scale DAB ensembles we feel it only natural to share the knowledge we have gathered. It is meant to complement all other information you may acquire from the ETSI standards, WorldDAB.org, equipment manufacturers or the Open Digital Radio wiki. We offer this ‘as is’, without guarantee for correctness or completeness, just as a collection of experience based knowledge, which will grow over time.

You can react by sending a message to info@localdab.org .