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  • What type of connection to use for STL?

    We take a look at the main ways: the private VPN connection, the radio link, the fiberglass network and the public internet. Check it out at our “DAB+ in more Detail” page.

  • How DAB radio became computer matter

    The ongoing developments in digital processors have made them incredibly fast. The time to execute software programs (such as electronic functions) became shorter and shorter until the point where traditional analogue signal handling circuits became obsolete. Today there is a choice to either develop electronic circuits to handle analog electrical signals or transform the electrical […]

  • Crest Factor, PAPR and Orthogonality

    What are the Crest Factor & PAPR? What does the “O” stand for in CODFM? You can find the answers in our Glossary page.

  • Service linking

    Now that an FM/DAB+ receiver is legally standard in every new EU car, listeners can listen to their favorite local/regional broadcaster even in a large part of the respective region. Switching from DAB+ to FM even happens automatically.But sometimes it doesn’t … ? Read more in “DAB+ in more detail“

  • FIC data

    What data does the Fast Information Channel broadcast? You can read about it on our Glossary page.

  • Audio format versus STL, CIF and CU

    Which audio format to use on the STL? We give advice in “DAB+ How to Start“. CIF and CU explained, read more at “DAB+ Glossary“. We will take a short break and be back soon with more “quality information for smale scale DAB projects”. We wish you a happy year-end and a fantastic 2023.

  • How much power?

    How much transmission power is needed? We compare the situation in Belgium and the Netherlands. What are the facts in the field? Read more in “DAB+ How to Start“.

  • 3 new articles in “DAB+ Glossary”

    What is the difference between “continuous & discrete data“?What are “symbols“ in digital communication? You’ll find out at “DAB+ Glossary“.

  • The transmitter site & new in “DAB+ Glossary”

    What are the main components of the DAB+ “transmitter site“? We explain it simply in “DAB+ How to Start“. What is the “transmission frame” and why is “ZeroMQ” very important in ODRmmbtools? You’ll find out in “DAB+ Glossary“.

  • “ODR part 2” and updates in “DAB+ Glossary”

    In “DAB+ How to Start” “ODR part 2” is online. Check also the “DAB+ Glossary” section where we are talking about the compiler, FDK-AAC, libraries and symbols.