DAB(+) vs. FM ant

Is there a difference between DAB/DAB+ antennas and FM antennas?

All antennas work on the same technical principles. The functioning of a DAB/DAB+ antenna is not different compared to an FM antenna. However, the frequency used defines the antenna dimensions.

The physical dimensions of an antenna are inverse proportional to the frequency

FM and DAB(+) use different frequency bands, meaning antenna dimensions should differ for both antennas. The rule is “the higher the frequency, the smaller the antenna dimensions”. Higher frequency means shorter wavelengths, resulting in shorter dimensions for DAB/DAB+.

A DAB/DAB+ dipole will be smaller than an FM-dipole.

Also, the distance between stacked dipoles is directly related to the wavelength. The overall result of the smaller antenna and the shorter distances between antennas is that a stacked dipole DAB+-antenna will be about one-half in size compared to the same FM antenna.