Category: Telecom provider
Related to DAB: STL (Studio Link)
Acronime: Point-Of-Presence

When using Telecom operators to provide the link between the radio station and the MUX and further the ETI-link between the MUX and the transmitters, you can connect to a Telecom Provider POP.  

The POP is where your private point-to-point connection (see later “access line” or “last mile”) reaches the Provider premises.  

Usually, a relatively extended area will have only one POP. The telecom provider POP is where the connection to the network takes place.

Usually, the telecom provider does not disclose information about his POP. Usually, it is not of great importance to the customer. We explain it here because POP is used in other articles to explain network architectures, which can be helpful when rolling out DAB.

It is essential to understand that from your radio studio, a connection will be dedicated only to you to connect your radio station to the network.

The telecom operator will refer to it as “The Last Mile” or “Access Line”.

One should understand that this connection has different characteristics than the network you will finally connect to. Understanding what an “Access Line” is is essential to understanding the end-to-end properties of a telecom provider network connection.

Figure – a network connection has a network and two access lines.

In this article, you learned,

The connection between two customer points over a network has two Access Lines between the customer premises and the provider’s POP (at the Telecom Provider premises).

The network sits in between the provider’s POP’s.